The following links will provide useful information from Local, State and Federal Government agencies and the Australian Institute of Architects on various subjects of building with good principles with a focus on sustainability.

Croft Architects offer the opportunity for ‘sustainable building and living’. This is not a new concept. Sustainability is always fundamental to every design. Croft Architects understands the social benefits of good design to the owner, user, neighbour and community. All our buildings respond to the environmental influences of the site and its micro and macro weather conditions. Our clients are involved in the economic decisions affecting initial and ongoing running and maintenance costs of their buildings.

Croft Architects will guide you through the various processes, codes and regulations to achieve your goals and those of the various regulators.

Brisbane City Council

Queensland Government

Federal Government

For the school program at Springfield High, we give you the following links:

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The History of Concrete

50 Greatest Buildings in the World